Thursday, March 26, 2009

Do you wonder why the name "Spankerhead"?

Daddy is always teasing the kids that they need more spankens, but when it comes down to it, the spankens are more like tickle-torture. In an effort to not get mad when children do silly things, we would ask them,
"How many spankens do you think you need for that?"

Somehow in the process, Daddy & the kids started calling each other "spankerheads" in a more teasing/affectionate sort of way.

We have come up with more creative ways of punishment & keep modifying as needed. For a while the big thing was cleaning shelves in the fridge--this a great way to keep your fridge clean! Both Meliah (9) & Kelden (7) know how to clear off a shelf, wash it, dry it, and place everything back. Sometimes I have had a hard time finding things since it's not in the spot I left it, but for the most part it's great. When the fridge is clean, sometimes the kids (even 3 year old) get to wipe down cupboards & walls.

The newest development in timeouts is doing exercises. Daddy has all sorts of ideas from being in the military. You may hear something like, "Do ten up-downs, five push-ups, and ten sit-ups!" Or if siblings aren't getting along, they may have to carry a kitchen chair together down the stairs & up again without arguing.

How can you get too upset with a 3 year old with those big blue eyes? He just wanted a cookie bar ... right out of the middle of the pan! Jarom is 3 1/2 now & just as busy as a little boy can be. He always says, "I do it!" He really is talking better since he had surgery to put tubes in his ears to drain the fluid. He also goes to the school district's Early Intervention Pre-school. He loves it, but we don't love getting him out the door at 7:30 am twice a week!

Here are Kelden, Jarom , & Meliah doing up-downs & hand-stands for exercises.

They really are great kids--and they are getting stronger!